Bumble Boom

How a Kid’s play zone brand increased total conversions by 50% while maintaining lead quality.



Bumble Boom has grown and continues to expand through its location and design since its founding more than six years ago. Bumble Boom hired TEMZ Digital Marketing to create a genuine marketing partnership as part of its strategy to continue growing into the next phase. The group needed to step up its digital advertising efforts at the time of the engagement in order to generate leads more quickly and more affordably. The digital marketing company they had previously dealt with unfortunately used the same basic, decentralised campaign plan across all locations, with less than satisfactory results.


In order to increase their annual conversions while lowering their cost per lead, they turned to TEMZ for assistance. They also wanted our staff to help them build their brand’s reputation and expose their name to a larger audience. To make sure that their digital marketing initiatives truly add value to their business, Temz was more particularly looking to integrate lead quality tracking. To that purpose, they concentrated on particular categories that were determined by the overall volume of clients and leads.


– take advantage of the power of its brand to aggressively
– expand market penetration
– Reach intended audience when they need it (earlier in the funnel)
– Utilise lead quality monitoring
– Drive a lot of good leads at a good price.


Improving the Bumble Boom Brand and Exposure

Making sure your message is heard far beyond your own digital channels is essential to becoming a true market leader. You must manage the discourse if you want people to think a specific way about your brand.

That is precisely the strategy we used with Bumble Boom. We knew we had plenty of stuff to create and distribute over the web because we had so many interesting perspectives and contributions to make to the Kid’s Play Zone.

We started looking for reliable sources and websites where our client may contribute and be mentioned.

We could make sure that potential customers were made aware of Bumble Boom, their offering, and their reputable standing in the globe through a highly-targeted PR campaign that brought the Bumble Boom brand in front of important audiences throughout the web.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a recurrent and extremely sophisticated tactic. We knew Bumble Boom needed to rank higher for specific keywords in order to assist them in increasing the number of qualified leads to their website. In order to help our client get quick, long-term results, we conducted extensive research to identify the key phrases their potential clients use during their searches.

Bumble Booms’ website was not prominently visible in search results before working with us for terms like “kids play area,” “kindergarten,” etc.

Our team improved results for these and other important keywords by working both behind the scenes (with technical improvements) and directly on Bumble Boom’s website (with on-page content based around keywords).

In addition to getting the Bumble Boom brand name mentioned in trustworthy websites, these citations and inclusions also gave Bumble Boom’s website much-desired backlinks.

These backlinks tell Google and other search engines that our customer is regarded by other influential people and should be rewarded with improved search rankings as a result.

By extending the reach of our client to external websites, we also raised the possibility that potential customers might stumble onto them at various stages of the customer journey.

Paid Search

SEO can only help your marketing efforts so much. While organic methods are essential for long-term success, sponsored search must also be included if you want to see results and a good return on your investment.

Given that we had already created a substantial keyword list for Bumble Boom’s SEO strategy, we had to create a substantial negative keyword list in order to redirect those terms into a paid-search campaign.

By preventing the appearance of our clients’ advertising in front of audiences who would never convert into qualified leads, negative keyword lists enable us to reduce ad spend and CPC rates.

We developed a range of sponsored advertisements centred upon top-ranking keywords as well as the mindset of our client’s audiences after organising our negative keyword list.

Display advertising was also included as a supplement to this technique in order to keep the Bumble Boom brand in the minds of potential pupils.

Our design and content teams worked together to develop ads that were based on the idea of conversion.

Using three separate techniques, we then spread these advertisements around the web on specific websites.

Contextual Keyword: Websites with content relating to the targeted keywords, such as play areas, play schools, kids play zones, kids activities zones, etc., would display these adverts.

Site Placement: Our display advertisements appeared on websites we determined to be extremely relevant to Bumble Boom’s primary target audience, such as those devoted to children and well maintained, reasonably priced play facilities.

Remarketing: For visitors to the Bumble Boom website who had not yet taken the appropriate step, our advertisements would show up across the internet.

We also created Facebook ads using our creative team. The goal of these advertisements was to lower Bumble Boom’s cost per lead.


Using SEO, Paid Search and Paid Social Advertising, we delivered A+ results

A 12 % boost in customer visits and a 50% increase in conversions from qualified leads have been achieved by Bumble Boom as a result of every tactic we adopted in Q1 alone.

Now that we have a solid base in place, we want to use a combination of aggressive remarketing tactics and further brand awareness development to reach audiences further up the funnel.

As a result, we kept expanding the project’s scope by covering more locations and services like SEO and CRO.